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Book Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J Mass

Hello Readers & Friends,

Today I'm reviewing the third book in the Throne of Glass series, Heir of Fire.  You can see my reviews for book 1, Throne of Glass, and book 2, Crown of Midnight, here and here. I feel like whilst my feelings for the first two books were exactly the same (first 100 pages sucked and were a bit fluffy, last 200 pages were incredible), this book really stood out and I could see Mass really develop in her writing. I gave this book 5 stars and really, really enjoyed it.

The plot wasn't overly confusing, although I did have two questions and if anybody has the answer then please let me know!
- Celeana was meant to be off on this mission to kill people for the king. At the very start of the book she was (kind of) kidnapped and taken away elsewhere, and the entire book for her is spent in this other location, training. How is it that news never reached the King that his Assassin was missing?! I kept waiting for a scene where Chaol would hear she was missing and go crazy but it just...never came!
- If magic is gone, how does Dorian have it? Perhaps this was explained somewhere but it's kind of confusing and I think I must have missed it.

So moving on from my two confusions, I felt that Celeana's character finally begun to feel really, really 3-dimensional and deep. I feel by this point that I really know her well, and I understand how she reacts to things and why. She's been through a lot and you can see it starting to rip her apart, but aren't damaged characters the most fun to read? I think so.

I really like the struggle she has as she trains and tries to grow her skills, I find it super realistic which is something that again, makes it all feel more real. Nothing is easy for her, which makes her all the more likeable as a heroine. Her character development is just phenomenal.

We meet a couple of new characters, including Rowan who I find interesting. His storyline in this book was very, very similar to Chaol's in book 1 (the reluctant trainer) but I like that she's got this close male friend with no romantic interest, as I was getting tired of all the romantic interests she was accumulating! I find Rowan a little scary, which is probably part of the attraction towards him as a character. He's unpredictable, but you spend the whole book hoping for the best from him.

Another character we've met who I am OBSESSED with and would LOVE to see a side series about is Manon, a ruthless Blackbeak witch who is struggling against being who she wants to be and who the clan want her to be. I was completely entranced by every chapter she had, they were actually my favourites in the whole book. Can't get enough of her storyline. I also found that having these side-stories made the book feel like it went really quickly, I was always wanting to tuck back in to see what was happening to who.

Overall the tone of the book felt a little more adult, much darker and exciting than the last two books.
I absolutely loved it!

In fact, it bred some new concerns for me about my own books. I'm due to do a video update on my first fantasy book, Enmity, but reading the character of Celeana who has many similarities with my main character, Maia (fire-wielding power and unwanted leadership) has made me reconsider a lot of my story. I don't want people to compare Maia with Celeana, and having such a popular and well-written character up against my own makes me nervous. I'd never want someone to read my book and think that I did a Battle Royale on Throne of Glass, so I am definitely going to relook at my own books now.
Stay tuned for that update!

C x


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