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June Favourites: A Monthly Roundup

 Hello Readers & Friends,

As we come into month 4 of lockdown, I've struggled a lot this month. I struggled with reading, and finding motivation to do anything at all really. I was on the very last run of my 9 week couch-to-5k programme and fell, spraining my ankle so badly that I had to get crutches and was sofa-bound for a while, which made me even more lethargic and angry. I still can't exercise and am feeling both restless and lazy all at once :( I'm hoping next month (my birthday month!) I can start exercising again and will feel more positive in general. 

June Book Roundup:

 So last month was my best month and I read 12 books. This month was comparatively shite, and I only managed to read five books. But Battle Royale was giant at 640 pages, so counts as two, right?!

Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick **
Heir of Fire by Saraj J Mass ***** (review to come)
A Forget-Me-Not Summer by Sophie Claire ***
Battle Royale by Koushun Takami ***** (review to come)
The Clapback by Elijah Lawal


Malcolm in the Middle - Streamed

This month Steven and I have fallen for Malcolm in the Middle all over again. This was one of my favourites at school, and we've been streaming it online every night and crying with laughter. I think it's so underrated! I used to fancy Reiss so much when I was at school, I guess I was into that badboy trope even then hahaha! Steven and I have been laughing at how much we're similar to Hal and Lois now. 


Battle Royale was a phenomenal read, one of the best books I've read in a while. It was pacy and page-turning and I really enjoyed it. And, I'm just gonna say it - it's so much better than Hunger Games! I wont say too much as I have a full review coming soon but I really recommend this to anyone who can handle a little gore. 


Tik Tok

I caved and joined Tik Tok, after discovering BookTok was a thing. I'll upload mini reviews here, it's convenient as a side-sister to Youtube I guess as it only takes two seconds to make a video! Follow me over there! 


I rediscovered how much I love sketching and painting and bought myself a new sketchbook to play with. I've found it really relaxing to do this in the evenings with Gilmore Girls in the background. Let me know if you'd like a sketchbook flickthrough or anything else - I'm no artist but I enjoy doing it!


I Love Betsy - Honeymoon in Vegas

Our dog is called Betsy and we discovered this song. Naturally we've been playing it on repeat and singing it in her face every chance we get, and now it's stuck in my head 90% of the day.

 How was your month?
Love, C x 


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