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August Favourites: A Monthly Roundup

 Hello Readers & Friends,

This month really seemed to fly by. I literally blinked and it was gone! But I'm not complaining because with the end of August comes spooky season. I like to live the year with September-October dedicated to Halloween/Samhain and November-December obviously all Christmassy. I know it's way too early for some people but I can't get enough of celebrating all things Autumnal, so bring on next month! And thank goodness the heatwave is over.

August Book Roundup:

Eleven books this month. I'm definitely getting quicker at reading - I'm almost at my Goodreads target already! Reading so much quicker than last year. A very varied month, some amazing reads and some big disappointments. ACOFAS, Mostly Dead Things and BOSAS were the biggest disappointments for me, whilst I was really pleasantly surprised by Serpent & Dove and Wasp Factory. Unfortunately I didn't get my monthly non-fiction in, so I'll try to do two next month.

A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J Mass ***
Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin *****
Mostly Dead Things by Kristen Arnett **
Paper Princess by Erin Watt **
Broken Prince by Erin Watt ***
Twisted Palace ****
The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins **
Grace is Gone by Emily Elgar ***/*
Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Mass ****/*
Wasp Factory by Iain Banks ****
The Downstairs Neighbour by Helen Cooper (ARC) - *****


Selling Sunset - Netflix

I started this show this month, it's absolute trash. It's basically a bunch of glamorous women selling ridiculously expensive homes, but I do enjoy seeing the incredible homes in LA. Basically it's crappy reality TV with stupid arguments and staged drama, and I need something better to watch than this so send me recs! 

Anne with an A - Netflix

I'll be brief as this was my favourite last month, but I finished Anne with an E this month and it was phenomenal. It was so good! So wholesome and amazing. I really hope they continue the show after the petition to continue as I feel there were lots of storylines that need to be completed, such as Diana and Jerry and the Indians. I bought Anne of Green Gables to stem the pain of the series ending. 


I read a few great books this month, and have reviews coming up for the Paper Princess trilogy, Serpent & Dove,  and Wasp Factory, so I won't drone on too long about one or the other. Queen of Shadows continues to just strengthen the Throne of Glass series, but I've spoken about that before so I'll use this month to highlight Grace is Gone, which I was kindly sent to read for free by Little Brown Books. I loved this, the only reason I gave it a slightly lower rating was because I knew the true-crime story it was based on, so I knew from the start who the killer was. It's always disappointing when the Who in a Whodunnit isn't a surprise, and I wonder if it would have been better off marketed without saying it's based on a true story as the case was so high-profile and has had so many adaptions done on it that many people will work it out very quickly. But that said, it was gripping and pacy and did keep me on my toes with the help of two really strong main characters who were both strong and broken in their own ways. The story in a nutshell follows the mystery when a neighbourhood sweetheart mother is found brutally murdered and her severely disabled child is stolen from the crime scene. I recommend for any thriller readers who don't already know who the killer is! 

I do also want to quickly mention The Downstairs Neighbour - this is a book which my work is publishing next February. I'm the marketer for it and finally had a chance to read the manuscript and I was up ALL NIGHT reading. I could not put it down. It was amazing, I haven't been so confused by a thriller in so long. I got lost in all the twists and turns, my head was spinning and it was a very poignant story of love, loss and family. And a big splash of drama and betrayal, of course. One to note in your diaries for pre-order! 


Isle of Wight

We finally left London! My first venture out in six months! We visited Steven's cousin in the Isle of Wight, which I'd never been to before. A very picturesque and sleepy place, we spent two nights in a log cabin which was dreamy. A weekend of woodland dog walks, red squirrel spotting, and reading in a hammock with my dog and a glass of red wine. The evenings were spent in front of the log fire with bbq food, so it was really amazing to unwind so thoroughly. The rest of the week was filled with sightseeing and activities, including a boat ride and many evenings spent playing David's amazing VR games. I felt like I was in the Hunger Games, dodging bullets and diving around throwing bottles at heads which looked and felt so real but were obviously not. It was so much fun, and Wasp Factory was David's recommendation to read which I loved. A really lovely week, I'll share a couple of photos. 

 How was your month?
Love, C x 


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