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Come to work with me! A day in the life of publishing

My office!

Hello Readers & Friends,

I thought I'd do another work post and share what a usual working day of mine is like, working at Hodder & Stoughton as Digital Marketing Manager! I have another post filled with info on how I got my job etc here, but today I thought we'd do a fun look into what a typical day is like for me!

I'm super lucky in that even before Covid, I worked from home some days, and Hodder is really great with offering flexibility and remote work roles, but now I'm working from home pretty much full time, as London is in tier 2 lockdown. We have gorgeous offices and I love being in them, but they're right in central London and my commute is a little dodgy during the pandemic, so I've been steering clear of the commuter trains etc and we are all being told to stay home if we can. My home work set-up is not great, because I'm so tight for space, but I've made it work in a tiny little nook behind a wardrobe!

My teeny, tiny, WFH space.

9.30 am

My day starts at 9.30 am, whether I'm at home or in the office. The marketing team start every morning with a super quick team meeting which we started doing during Covid so that we could all see each other and not feel so alone. This is our opportunity to catch up on what we're all doing and be kept in the loop with what our teammates are doing - and help out if anyone needs some ideas etc. Sometimes I have my camera off because I'm sweaty after a workout or have rolled out of bed too late (oops!).


Time for a coffee! On Mondays, the first thing I do is get to work doing my social media reports. I pull data for all of Hodder's imprints and community channels, so this takes a long time. Then I act as consultant and email everyone an overview of the numbers, what's working and what isn't, and my recommendations for change. 

If it's not a Monday I'll be working on the schedules for our social media and newsletters. I plan out what goes out when, and try to work a couple of weeks ahead of time, plotting in our key releases, any ebook promotions and competitions etc. I make sure that the Twitter calendar is always full, as well as the Instagram calendar and the Hodder newsletters which go out a few times a week. This takes quite a lot of time, and throughout the week I'll create the imagery and schedule all the posts with the help of our amazing marketing assistant, Laura.


This takes me through to midday! I usually will have a meeting of some sort now, I have a couple of digital meetings through the week to discuss ebook prices and promotions, but I also try to catch up with my editors quite frequently to make sure I'm covering everything they want me to and that everything is going smoothly for our upcoming book releases. I take care of roughly 60 book releases per year. 


I try to make sure I take my full hour for lunch, as it can be quite intense working through it. When I'm in the office our team always go for lunch together and it's a great time to catch up and chat about non-work things. When I'm at home I make the effort to get out and have some fresh air, and walk the dog before having something quick and easy like a sandwich and some veggies or fruit. 

The view on my way home


Probably time for another coffee if I'm in the office. After lunch I usually have lots more jobs than in the morning, but they take less time. Usually there will be some sort of advertising I'll need to set up, for an upcoming release or discount. I'll create the assets and various test versions of ads on social media and Amazon, and set these all up to run on the right dates, targeting the right audience. 


For a chunk of the afternoon I'll try to set time aside to go over my immediate allocated titles. I'll check over which of my books are next to release and make sure everything is done for them which needs done, whether that's ensuring the Amazon pages are looking right, that they're having the right amount of social media promotion, and how the review-building is going. Each book is different, with a different budget and campaign theme, so some might require tons of work and some might require much less!


I also will go over my long-lead allocated titles - ones that maybe aren't out for another 7/8 months. These will have different needs to the ones coming out next month, but they are just as important. Whether it's ordering proofs to be printed off, working with a designer to go create a cover reveal video, or even planning offline marketing with other companies and brands. I love this stage of a campaign, because everything is new and exciting


This last half hour of my day is spent wrapping up. I'll check everything is scheduled okay to go out the next day on social media, make my hourly to-do list for the next day, check any unread emails and perhaps read any manuscripts I've been sent asking for my opinion. 

5.30/6pm is time to switch off and the day has come to a close!

What does your working day look like?

Love, C x 


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