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Christmas Gift List: For the Bookish!

Hello Readers & Friends,

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year, and I LOVE buying presents for people. I wanted to share some ideas for gifts that bookish folk may love (because I love them). I'll try to make sure there's something for every budget. I've also tried to make sure I'm supporting small and independent businesses where I can.

Happy shopping!


Cosy Booklover Sticker Sheet - £2.50 

Frankenstein's Monster Toe Tag Bookmark - £2.50

Book Sleeve - £8.99

Enamel Pin - £7.95

SECRET SANTA  - £10-£20

Retro style Reading is Lit t-shirt - £19

Personalised book stamp - From £13

Dead Poet Society Hardback Journal - £14

UNDER THE TREE  - £20-30

Twilight City of Forks Sweatshirt - £28

Book Nook Diarama - £42

Miniature Bookstore Model Making Kit £39.99

Page Anchor - $50

What I Love About This Book Personalised Stamp & Inkpad - £38

YA Fantasy Classics Scarf - £21

What are you hoping for this Christmas? 

Love, C x 


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