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Witchy Wednesday: My Book of Shadows

 Hey Readers, Friends & Witchies!

The first Witchy Wednesday post and it's publishing on a Thursday, which illustrates just how legit this series is going to be! If you want the introduction as to why I started this series and where I am in my wicca journey, check out this blog post here. 

For today's first post I thought I'd share a bit about my Book of Shadows which I started working on last year on my journey to find a more spiritual self. 


What is a Book of Shadows?

They go by different names depending on who you speak to, Book of Light, Grimoire, etc, but at it's core it's just a diary of your own personal spiritual journey. You may see big, fancy, leatherbound ones but they can also be £1 spiral bound notebooks picked up in Tesco's or even just a digital file in a laptop. 

It's just a name for where you keep track of all your research, spells, magick work, and any personal notes, intentions, thoughts, doodles etc. It's not anything as fancy as it sounds!

My Book of Shadows

My working book

I actually have two. As you all know by now, I love journalling, so I always wanted one of those fancy shmancy books filled with beautiful paintings and crafty collages etc. But it's not very realistic to have something so beautiful and get proper use out of it. So I bought myself a cheapy black Moleskin rip off, just a lined notebook I'm not afraid to mess up, and that's my day-to-day working book. I keep track of things like any spells I try, all my research and learnings, any tarot readings I try out, the moon phases, and the sabbats. Nothing is in order, it's all pretty messy and all over the place, but I know where to go if I'm looking for something in particular and that's all that counts!

I think it's important to have a book you're not scared of ruining because you're bound to make mistakes in your journey and have to scratch things out etc, so I wouldn't focus too much on having everything perfect otherwise you'll find yourself not using your book at all. 

Then I have my 'beautiful' journal, which I splashed out on a bit because it really called out to me. It's by an Italian brand I love who handmake all their books, called Libri Muti. This one I update much less regularly and only with things that I know aren't going to change, or that I've tried and tested and want to mark permanently. So as of right now, it only has some information on Paganism, the Sabbats, Elements and Moon Phases as those are things that won't be changing in my lifetime and I could spend the time making beautiful spreads.

Fancy Shmancy Book

What to include?

If you're wiccan you might want to start off with the Rede to keep you focused. I have the full Rede in my working BoS and the shortened version in my perdy one. Many people put a protection sigil a the start as well - again, I have that on my working BoS but not my pretty one - yet. There's nothing really in there that's private so far.

Some ideas for things to include inside that I've been doing so far. You can focus on one or all of these things. I have a particular interest in celestial work, zodiacs, constellations etc, and don't really do much kitchen work with spells or herbs, but everyone is different, so fill your book with things which suit your own personal interests:

- History of wicca, paganism, origins, witchcraft history, origin of the pentagram etc

- Crystals - types, shapes, uses, how to cleanse them, charge them, etc

- Moon phases - how to track them, use them in magick, etc

- Sabbats and Esbats - the wiccan calendar, holidays to celebrate and how to celebrate them!

- Herbs and their properties

- Candle magick - colour correspondences etc

- Elemental magick - research on the elements, how to reflect them, which you feel closer to etc

- Zodiac work - research into natal charts, constellations, astrology

- Divination work - palmistry, tarot, tasseography or pendulum work. My favourite is tarot, and I haven't really branched out into the others yet, but I'll try anything once! 

- Symbols, signs, runes and sigils! 

If you're looking for more inspiration, I have made a board on my Pinterest full of advice, tips etc which you can check out here

I hope this answers some of your questions, but please shout if you have any more.

Stay witchy! 

Love, C x 


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