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Witchy Wednesday: DIY Incense Holder

 Hey witches,

Another Witchy Wednesday post for you all, and this is a fun one. As we have been in lockdown for close to a year, I have dabbled in a LOT of hobbies and crafts, from jigsaw puzzles through to origami. So it was about time I dabbled with polymer clay. Let it be known: I am not a sculptor, an artist, and I went into this with minimal gear and no idea.

To clarify, for this project I used:

- White Sculpey polymer clay (you can find this on Amazon, or use any polymer clay, like Fimo!)

- A random knife from the kitchen

- An incense stick

- Himi gouache paint because it was all I had, but cheapo acrylic paint is probably better for this.

- Nail polish

Onto my very unprofessional how-to!

Step 1 - Make the holder. I had a peruse on Pinterest for ideas and decided I wanted one that was a dish shape to catch the ashes. I started with a big lump of clay and rolled it into a big ball, and then squashed it flat with my palm on a table. This was my base.

Step 2 - I curled the edges to make them stand up, and decided that with my lack of skill, technique and equipment it would never look neat and tidy, so instead opted for a 'ruffled' ridge design so that it was purposefully wiggly. I just pinched and squeezed the edges into ruffles until I was happy with them!

Step 3 - I rolled a little oval egg shape for the actual holder. I cross hatched the bottom of it with a kitchen knife and dabbed a bit of water onto it and then pressed it gently into the base so it would 'stick.' Then I just pushed my incense stick into it and gave it a wiggle so the incense stick holder part was a little bigger than the size of the stick, so once it baked it could slip in easily and hold.

Step 4 - I then rolled another ball and flattened it with my palm (you see this is a trend). I used a kitchen knife to cut out little star shapes and just stuck them randomly around the base. Then we were done!

Step 5 - In the oven at 110 degrees celsius for 20 minutes, then left to cool and harden. 

Step 6 - Then it was time to decorate. Once it was cool and hard, I just painted the stars, holder and edges of the ruffles in black. I decided to keep it simple. I found the gouache needed a few layers as when mixed with water it didn't take so well to the surface, which is why I recommend acrylic instead if possible.

Step 7 - Once that was all dry, I went over the stars and holder bubble with some silver nail polish to give it some sparkle!

And that's it! It holds my incense stick and I think it's super cute. It was a really nice evening activity as lockdown boredom sets in. 

And here are some key benefits of burning certain types of incense:

1. Sandalwood scents  reduce stress and anxiety

2. Rose scents can improve focus and concentration

3. Frankincense is great for soothing, calming and meditation. And depression!

4. Nag Champa is good for purifying your air

5. Lavender can help your sleep and help to calm and sedate. 

Stay witchy!

C x 


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