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Reading Room Tour

 Hello Readers & Friends,

Today I want to share my finally-completed 'reading room'. This room is a combination of things - it's my work-from-home office space, a spare bedroom for guests, my reading space and the place I can go to sit and watch films with my friends when Steven is in the main lounge using the TV.

It's a deceptively small space, so was hard to make it functional on a budget. Getting the wifi to reach it (it's right at the back of a very long London house!) was really difficult, and the only booster that we found works was the pricey Google Nest internet boosting system, but it's been worth it to have somewhere to sit and work all day. 

I made several Pinterest boards and shopped around a LOT, but it's finally finished and I'm so excited to share it!

This is the view when you first walk into the room. I looked at various paint options for the room, but didn't want to make the already-small space look smaller. However, stark white was too much, so I found this gorgeous soft, warm, grey called Skimming Stone from Farrow & Ball which I'm so happy with. We managed to stretch the 2.5l to the entire room, which is lucky as it was quite pricey. 

My rug was an absolute steal, £35 brand new on Ebay.  I'm sure you can find similar on there or Amazon! It's very soft and lovely. 

Our flooring was vinyl from Wickes, and the gold lampshade was from Poundstretcher for about a fiver. 

Our TV is an old chunky one, and I wanted to maximise book-storage in this room so instead of a TV unit I bought two very cheap bookshelves from Amazon and stuck them together to prop the TV on. (Similar bookcase here.)

(Can you see my tiny, weird clay racoon in dungarees I made? haha!) 

The beautiful jungle mural was a gift but I found it here for £69.

All the dried bouquets in the room are 'would-be-wedding-day' bouquets from my friends last year which I dried out and kept. 

This mirror actually was left in the house when we moved in and I roughly spray-painted it gold.

The pink in my alter space is Sulking Room Pink - also from Farrow and Ball and leftover from our bedroom.
The vintage filing cabinet was thrifted, and I bought these white storage boxes from Amazon and used my label maker to try and keep the open shelving tidier. 

My tiger mug is from Urban Outfitters (no longer sold, sorry!) and I use it to store all my blue-light glasses (most of which are kindly sent to me from TIJN, who I work with regularly due to my instagram and screen-related migraines!.) 

This little crevice is the space I've turned into my wiccan alter. I keep all my wicca books and books on tarot etc there on the left, my gems and crystals are all there in boxes, some candles, my tarot cards are in the brown box, and I have a 'tarot card of the day' on display which admittedly hasn't been changed in a while. A lot of my stuff comes from my Witch Casket UK subscription. I use this space for meditation a lot. You can read more about my wicca journey here

The Haru Sofa bed from Made is ideal for a small, functional space, and comes in lots of colours. I liked the dusty pink, and it pulls out really easily into a very small sofa bed. It's fine for a couple of drunk friends to share as a one-off, but I wouldn't invite my parents to stay in it for more than a single night - it is very small and quite hard on the back.
My magazine holder was a gift from Steven - I'm not sure where it's from unfortunately, I've had it a long while! 
The cushion covers were temporary ones from Shein until I find nicer ones - they were crazy cheap though!

You can't see them, but in these bookshelves I actually have tiny lights stuck to the top of each shelf - so at night I can light up the shelves. I LOVE these, and they are from Amazon here. 

My main workspace! My body vase is from H&M (out of stock now, sorry!), and I have a gimmick sign on my desk that says 'manager of looking busy' which was a gift from my dad. 

I love my exposed bulb lamp which was from Ikea (Just £7 at the moment!), my penholder is another Urban Outfitters mug. I like to always have a candle burning while I work and Aldi do amazing giant double-wick ones for just £3.75, so I always pick one of those up when I'm in store and when they burn down to nothing I keep the jars for storage. I also have some beautiful Resin pieces from my friend's online store on my desk, though you can't see them very well here! You can check her page out here. 

The chair was a brilliant Amazon find which perfectly fits the desk and matches the sofa for only £65!

The basket beneath which stores blankets is from H&M.

The desk is my winning piece - a £1000 Laura Ashley dresser which had a drawer broken and I bought on Facebook Marketplace for just £80. I removed the broken drawer and put a faux Ikea hanging plant in there which I think makes it look a bit like a magical forest desk. 

I love how the light hits in the afternoon here, it's so gorgeous (albeit annoying on my screen!)  

Lastly, hidden away behind the door, is an homage to Steve from Stranger Things. Aka, my boyfriend. This poster was found in a random store in Brighton.

And that's about it!
I have a video showing more details as well, and I'm loving having such a cosy, creative space to keep me motivated and that makes working from home such a joy.
One thing that you don't see in the photographs but catch in the video is my little trolley from Hobbycraft. (Sold out but available at an inflated price on Amazon here.) On the top of this trolley I house all the books and proofs that I'm working on, so I can quickly find extracts etc. And so I can showcase my wonderful author's work! I also keep all my journalling supplies in this trolley in boxes, so it's a bit of a mess and I tend to drag it around the room a lot as I work. 

Where do you work?
C x 


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