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Witchy Wednesday: Ostara

 Hello witchies,

Today's post I thought it would make sense to chat about the upcoming sabbat, Ostara. Also knows as Spring Equinox! Typically it falls between 20-23rd March.

It's one of the biggest sabbats for wiccans and it celebrates perfect balance between light and dark, as the days reach an equilibrium with the nights and those early dark wintery evenings start to ease away. It's about celebrating the fertility of spring, nature, and new life. 

A lot of the celebratory activities cross over with Christian Easter celebrations, so there's lots you can do to celebrate Ostara with any non-pagan friends. Here are some ideas below for how to celebrate:

- Go on an egg hunt

- Paint eggs

- Have a big traditional Ostara meal with foods such as roasted lamb, hot cross buns, or honey cakes.

- Do some gardening or plant some seeds to thank the earth and celebrate the coming of spring

It's also a good time to do any spellwork relating to balance, to set new goals, to spring clean, and to work on positive manifestations.

I will be cooking lamb of some sort and enjoying hot cross buns and a chocolate egg! (Eggs symbolise the fertility of Ostara.) I'll also light a candle and work on setting some goals for the coming months, and definitely use the weekend as an excuse to do a big spring clean! 

Today I'll share my spread for Ostara in my Book of Shadows - I'll also be writing down a hot cross bun recipe to try out.

How will you be celebrating Ostara / Easter this year?

Stay witchy!

C x 


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