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March Roundup: Monthly Favourites

 Hello Readers & Friends,

I cannot BELIEVE it's Easter weekend. I mean, I literally forgot about it and am panicking about getting all my work done before Friday haha. But it's welcome, as has been the tiny heatwave we've had this week. March was busy, I thought I barely read anything because Crescent City took me so long to get through (800+ pages) but I actually did pretty well, so I'm happy! 

March Book Roundup:

I still managed 7 books despite the beast that is Crescent City, so I'm happy! I had some good reads this month. 

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig ****
What Planet Can I Blame This On by Ellie Pilcher (proof) ***
Covet by Tracy Wolff ***
Addition by Toni Jordan ***
My Sister the Serial Killer by Ovinkan Braithwaite *****
Crescent City by Sarah J Maas *****
Welcome to Ferry Lane Market by Nicola May ***



Crazy Rich Asians - Netflix

Another surprising choice from Steven! But I loved it, obviously. I love anything with Eastern-Asian representation and the story was so great, the main character is so admirable and I think we should all aspire to be as graceful as she is. Lots of hunks as well. And laughs. All-round just a great uplifting watch. 


I cried for about 2 days after finishing Crescent City so best believe there's a full review for that on the way, so instead I'll use this space to talk about My Sister the Serial Killer. This was a very witty, dark satire about a girl who just casually kills all the men she dates when she's bored of them, leaving her poor, kind sister to pick up the pieces after and keep her out of prison. But when she sets her eyes on her sisters secret love interest, the game changes. A story of sisterhood, family loyalty, love and a lot of murder.

 “It takes a whole lot longer to dispose of a body than to dispose of a soul, especially if you don’t want to leave any evidence of foul play.”


Not much to say for this month as it was very quiet, but we did have some lovely sunshine which meant I could sit outside to work! I put this little corner together, everything was from George, Asda, which was a bargain! The table set, outdoor rug, solar lights and outdoor cushions. It was really nice to be able to work from there for a few days. But now it's cold again. Typical British weather!

C x


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