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April/May Roundup: Monthly Favourites

 Hello Readers & Friends,

As you probably know by now,  April was missed because at the end, on the 26th, my dad passed away. It has been the worst month of my life and honestly I'm quite taken aback by how up and down I have been, in all aspects of my life and personality, as a result of the shock. But in April I did have things to share and in May I have immersed myself as much as possible in small things to try to keep myself stimulated and avoid falling into a pit of overwhelming gloom. It would mean a lot to me if you haven't already, if you would read the tribute post I made for my dad, who was my best friend in the whole world. It's here.

April Book Roundup:

April I obviously didn't read at all in the final week. But I did finally finish the Throne of Glass series - though I felt after 8 books and years of time investment it was a bit of an anticlimax. Not as bad as the final Game of Thrones episode or anything, but not as good/drama-filled as ACOWAF in my opinion! 

Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas ****
Horrid by Katrina Leno ***
Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas ****
The Bigamist by Mary Thompson Turner ***
The Hunted by Gabriel Bergmoser ***
Red White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston ****
A Deal with the Elf King by Elise Kova **

May Book Roundup:

In May, my attention span has been terrible. I found reading anything very difficult, so I really stuck to only light, YA reads which didn't require much thought or concentration. 

Little Thieves by Margaret Owen ****
Jackpot by Nic Stone ****
Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline *****
Love is a Revolution by Renee Watson ****
Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth ****
New Moon by Stephanie Meyer ***
The Yearbook by Holly Bourne ****


Bold Type - Netflix

In April I was mostly watching The Bold Type, which is essentially Sex and the City for modern-day. Three 20-something girls working at a magazine tackle love and life with a fun and feminist framing. This series tackles hard topics including rape, identity, immigration and more, without feeling either trite or over-dramatised. I was really enjoying it, and will hopefully get back to it down the line. 

In May I reverted to my comfort rewatch - Friends. I also have been watching Below Deck with Steven - a reality show that follows the staff on super yachts. It's trash but good trash. 



Things Seen & Heard - Netflix

I have a really big crush on Amanda Seyfried, and find her to be utterly captivating in every single film she's in. But anyway, Things Seen & Heard was really great. I thought it was going to be scary, but it wasn't. Set in the 80s with some gorgeous dark-academic vibes, it follows Amanda who has followed her husband in a new job, lecturing at a university. Spending time alone at he home and trying to make a new life here, Amanda discovers a the home is haunted. But the ghost means her no harm. In fact, it is trying to warn her of things coming her way, and that the true danger may be a little closer to home...  The ending was a bit 'bleh', but the run-up was so entertaining that I didn't mind.

Into The Wild - Amazon Prime

I was fascinated with the story of 'Alexander Supertramp' before even seeing this film, so it was a good watch for me. A true story which follows a young man who decides to basically quit normality and survive in the Alaskan wilderness, alone. It was beautifully shot, visually gorgeous, and a very heartfelt, emotional story. One I'll think about for a long time after finishing it. 

New reading partner - Little Bertie, my mum's puppy named after my dad! (Who paid the deposit for him 2 days before he passed, one final gift!) 


My favourites were Red, White & Royal Blue, and Ready Player 2. I had put off reading the Ready Player 1 sequel for ages as I feared disappointment, but it was just as fantastical, smart, clever and action-packed as the first one, as we see what happened to Wayne after winning control of the Oasis in book 1 and as he deals with his changing relationships and a life with so much expectation, money, and responsibility.

Red, White, & Royal Blue was a totally charming, swoon-worthy, and playful romcom about the President's son falling in love with the Prince of England. It's a light-hearted, fun read that just brought me uncomplicated joy and happiness to read. Both characters were funny and likeable and I just really looked forward to reading this one every day. A brilliant LGBTQ romance. 


I have been listening to a lot of my dads favourite music this last month. The Dire Straits, Rod Stewart and Simply Red.
Sultans of Swing was one of his all-time favourites and played at his funeral.


Joining Team Hodderscape!

I returned to work this June after bereavement leave and am happy to share that I am taking over marketing for Hodderscape titles! I'll still be working on women's fiction and commercial fiction, but some of my allocations are jiggling around a little and I basically now get to cover all our fantastical fantasy books, including Dune, Stephanie Garber,  Chloe Gong and Kerri Maniscalo! Very, very exciting and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to work with authors I've obsessed over since teenage-hood! 

Memorial Tattoo

C x


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