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June Roundup: Monthly Favourites

 Hello Readers & Friends,

A strange sort of month, which passed very quickly. Still struggling to read a little as I'm not sleeping very well which is affecting my concentration and mood, but I'm focusing on doing the things that help me feel better - journaling, exercising, and eating better. Onwards and upwards for July - my birthday month!

June Book Roundup:

A lot of my reads this month were proof reads for work, since I've taken over Hodderscape, the fantasy division, so had a lot to catch up on. I haven't rated books I'm working on as I feel I can't do it fairly in these instances, so just logging them as Read on GoodReads without a rating! And I FINALLY read Pride and Prejudice. I know, about time.

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen ****
Girls Can't Hit by T.S Easton **
The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams *****
Linger by Maggie Stiefvater ***
Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber
These Hollow Vows by Lexi Ryan
Only A Monster by Vanessa Len
Wild Pork and Watercress by Barry Crump ***


Sweet Tooth - Netflix

Sweet Tooth is the most charming, action-packed and heartwarming series I've watched in a while. It follows Gus, a half-deer half-human hybrid, as he tries to survive in a world anti-hybrids. Desperate to track down his mother, Gus teams up with killer Big Man, making an unlikely bond as they avoid capture from the army, who want to test on live hybrids to try to find the cure for a deadly virus. 

 Panic - Amazon Prime

Panic was written by Lauren Oliver, who authored the Delirium trilogy, which I loved. The tv spin-off basically is a dramatic story following our main character, Heather, who in wild desperation to escape her rural Texan town signs up for a game called Panic. The rules are simple: Only graduates can play, winner gets $50k, and you must not panic as the secret judges pit the teens up against each other in dangerous, torturous tasks. But all isn't as it seems in this small town, and someone is puppeting the game behind-the-scenes with deadly consequences, as the teens fight to find out who is behind the game whilst not knowing who they can trust, as lies and secrets begin to emerge between the contestants....



The first cinema trip in 2 years and it was great. Emma Stone was great. The fashion was great. The characters were great. An amazing villain origin story showing Estella, a fashionable and unique young designer trying to make it big in a fashion house desperate to crush her down. 


My favourite read this month was The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams. It's a beautiful, evocative contemporary that follows two stories. The first is a young teenage girl, Aleisha, working part-time in a library to escape her toxic home life, despite not caring at all about books. The other is grieving old man Mukesh, who is trying to process the loss of his beloved wife by exploring her love of reading. When Aleisha finds an old reading list left behind on a table, she uses it to inform her recommendations to Mukesh, and the two strike up an unlikely connection and friendship as they discover the books on the list together, and allow their stories to guide them through their own difficulties in life. It was honestly so beautifully written, I felt I knew both characters inside out. It was emotional, raw, and very real. I was quite blown away and would recommend it to all lovers of literature!


Beggin' - Maneskin

This is such a banger. It always makes me want to singalong and thanks to a Tik Tok revival, it's been put back on my playlist.

C x


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