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I got married! Photo Diary


Hello Readers & Friends,

About time I had some happy news to share with you all! As most of you probably know, I got married at the start of the month! We had gotten engaged in 2018 and our France wedding had been postponed a few times, with the new date being 2022. So we decided to just do the legal part this year and get it done with! It was very simple and relaxed, we moseyed on down to town hall and signed our papers (I was SO nervous for this formal part!) and then went to my family home where we had a bbq with our families and bridal / grooms parties. 

At one point I was worried about the rain because it was POURING, but as soon as guests arrived the sun came out and it ended up being gorgeous. It was a lovely day and I wish my dad had been there as he would have really enjoyed it. So now I am officially a Sutherland! Here are some photos:

My favourite photo from the day

My jewellery for the day, including my 'something blue' pearl bracelet made by my friend Renais @Renaissaanceofpearls, a locket with my dad's photo inside and the brooch with his photo that I wore for his funeral, which I wore on my blazer so I had him there with me.  

The only photo with our full outfits before we got too drunk

My mother-in-law and the groomsmen

My incredible bridesmaid squad and husband! All my absolute favourite people in one photo.

Of course little Betsy our fur baby was there too, she got lots of cuddles and attention but got tired and took herself to bed at 11! 

Made me so happy seeing all my bridesmaids making friends with each other!

My new family! My husband, gorgeous sister-in-law and her hubby!

Maid of Honour Amy, and bridesmaids Bronte (@Brontesbookshelf) and Jess!

First kiss as Mr and Mrs at town hall

My favourite people

Betsy looking tired of our shit

Our gorgeous cake which we sadly forgot about before bed and left out to get rained on.... but it was delicious! Chocolate with a salted caramel filling.

When fake laughing turns into real laughing.


C x 


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