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A Big November Catch-Up

 Hello Readers & Friends,

I need to apologise for my huge absence recently. Honestly, I have barely read anything, and even considered retiring my blog and IG - but I am here with a new plan of action. Before that, here is a quick catch up on what I've been up to...

In August I barely read - we went on Holiday to Croatia (our first trip since Covid!) and I treated myself to a Nintendo Switch which has had disastrous impact on my reading time, but I have got a banging island on AC... 

Anyway, here are some photos from Croatia before I go on:

All the stray cats in Dubrovnik!




It was absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful time to spend with Steven away from home and relaxing. We also made lots of amazing friends from America - who I have been sharing reading recommendations with! I hope we'll get to visit them in the states eventually. 

So then it was September, which is the busiest time of year for publishing, so I was up to my neck with work and also started my short-course in YA Fiction Writing with Oxford Uni. All my reading time was spent reading work manuscripts or coursework reading, which was very draining. Reading felt more like a chore and I was focusing on other things, leaving IG by the wayside. On top of this, I hate reels and ever since they became the new algorithm must-have, I've lost a lot of interest for IG. I work full-time, juggling freelancing and life admin and just don't have the luxury of time to produce video content that's a good enough quality for me to post. 

Last month my weekends were rammed with events, birthdays etc and I felt SUCH IG fatigue - I didn't want to even open the app, I couldn't be bothered, I felt pressure, I just figured I'll leave it until I WANT to post, rather than posting out of necessity. Of course, I've lost lots of followers, but I'd rather feel passionate about what I do and have 10 followers than have it feel a chore and have 1000. So, here we are.

As for November, I finally had a VERY belated hen party. It was SO wholesome, I had no clue what the plans were but we went to a farmhouse in Somerset with a hot tub, me and my 9 closest gal pals, we went clay pigeon shooting (I was the worst, but blame the alcohol shakes!), wandered in cute villages, did a piñata, drank a lot, ate great food, and just had the funnest time ever! 
Pics below:

My bridesmaid and I wearing our Steven masks

My most favourite friends in the whole world

I love them!

As for what I've read the last few months.... (Due to all the reasons above, most of it is trashy guilty pleasure reading...)

Dark Fae by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti ****

The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake ****

Savage Fae by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti ****

House of Earth and Blood (reread) by Sarah J Maas *****

Dele Weds Destiny (work ARC) by Tomi Obaro ****

Vicious Fae by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti ***

How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff ****

Verity by Coleen Hoover ****

Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff ****

Holes by Louis Sachar (reread) *****

What Next...?

My plan is to branch out from posting only books. Don't get me wrong, it will still be mostly books, because that's the majority of my life, but when I have major reading fatigue it's not fair for me to just drop off the face of the internet and leave you guys in the lurch. So I'll be posting things that I love, and sharing more of that with you. At the moment, these include journalling, poetry, cozy gaming, cute autumnal things and London post-lockdown.  And, of course, the reason this blog and IG started in the first place - my writing! I am writing two books at the moment, one thriller and a YA fantasy which I'm working on through my course.

I hope you guys will stick around, and don't mind too much, but at this point I'm so bored of my own account that if I didn't do something to mix it up I would just quit. And fingers crossed they stop leaning towards video content, because I can't be the only one feeling the pain of the algorithm after that!

C x 


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