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A Girl Called Whisper

'Looking For Alaska meets Perks of Being a Wallflower'

Cooper Nelson is a sixteen-year-old boy with crippling social anxiety.
Set in the London suburbs, his life changes when he falls for wild new-girl-in-town, Whisper.
She begins to bring Cooper out of his shell, plunging him into the world he always tried to avoid.
But a chance encounter one night and he discovers she is hiding a dark secret...
Weighed down by the enormity of her dangerous secret, Cooper finds himself fighting through his own anxieties to help save his new friend.

This is a story about mental health, abuse and first loves.

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Reader Reviews

"It's a story that deals with very difficult themes and depicts the importance of friendship and love and having someone in your corner. It is about the strength of a teenage girl when faced with the unspeakable and the ways in which we can help one another through. It's funny, sad, unsettling and just great. I LOVED IT." 
- Amazon Review

"Explores important themes that people don't like to talk about. Heartbreaking and uplifting, it is a story that you won't forget." 
- @BrontesBookshelf 

 "I could visualise each of the characters so well that by the end of the book I felt fully immersed in their world. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I felt the care and understanding surrounding the topic was absolutely spot on. "
- Amazon Review

"This novel deals with some incredibly intense and sensitive issues, but in a delicate and understanding manner. I had an understanding of each character, they were so distinct and beautifully written. Each moment in the book felt real, it didn't feel like I was just reading the pages of the book. It felt as though I was there with these characters, watching, crying and cheering for them. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I just couldn't put it down."


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