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Discover a futuristic world where  north and south are divided by war, magic and dangerous ideologies.

A boy desperate for refuge.
A girl unknowingly tied into a revolution.
Their paths are set to collide with critical consequences.

When Kai finds himself fearing for his life, the only logical reaction is to run. But in a world where escaping south of the river is next to impossible, is it worth the risk?

South of the river, a rebellion is growing against a dictatorship led by The Azgad and their desire to rid the world of magical entities. Enmity between the two opposing groups is growing with dangerous promise.

Meanwhile, Maia wakes up to find herself abducted, with no idea that a prophecy is beginning to self-fulfill and that a refugee from the North may be the key to her survival.

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"Robertson throws us right into the action of the story from moment one, and doesn't relent until the final page." - W. N. Cleckler

"Emnity refuses to delve into any of the traditional young adult cliche, and grabs your attention through all the very unpredictable twists and turns." - Amazon

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