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Always dreamt of writing your own book? Perhaps you've started but have hit a block or aren't sure how to go about completing it? Perhaps you just need a fresh set of eyes to work out the kinks without bias? Let me help.

About Me:

I have five years of experience in the writing industry, working from huge retailers to cuthroat agencies and bustling magazines. I will provide you with concise, professional, objective and constructive feedback on your manuscript, or proofread your piece to perfection.

I have self-published YA books and learnt a lot about the process of editing first-hand, alongside an award-winning academic journal published with Lambert Academic Publishing. My industry experience in social media and marketing will give you a full and rounded opinion which will cover all bases for your next steps.

If you don't see a package that works for what you need, drop me a line - I'd be happy to help tailor something just for you.

I work on the basis of payment via Paypal or bank transfers - half up-front and half on completion.

My specialisms are YA, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Non-Fiction Lifestyle and Memoirs.

Please note, I do not work in the genres of Historical Fiction, Poetry, Erotica, or Children (below reading age of 12) due to a lack of experience. I want to make sure I give you the best review possible, after all!

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Let's Team Up

CV Proofing - £25

Experience in the recruitment industry has given me invaluable experience in knowing exactly what a hiring manager is looking for from a CV. I will proofread and edit your CV to ensure the key points are clear and that anything unecessary is pulled away - that's what an interview is for, after all! I will ensure your CV is sent back to you in pitch-perfect condition.

Plot Charting - £65

I will use your synopsis to build a J.K Rowling style plot chart, illustrating any plot holes or sub-plot issues. I will also include a one page analysis of plot points which need improving, how I suggest doing so, highlight any loose ends which need resolved and help you to build a strong plot pre-writing to ensure your story and timeline runs smoothly.

Your First 3 Chapters - £100

These are  crucial, as they will be part of any submission you make to agents or publishers. I will offer Word Doc annotations with corrections and suggestions alongside a summary letter offering my advice and opinion on tone, characters, plot, and structure for the first three chapters to ensure they are as great as they can be before being sent out.

Bookstagram Assessment - £25

Want to break into Bookstagram? My experience in Social Media Marketing may be able to help. Simply send me your account username and I will provide you with a detailed strategy and information guide on how to grow your platform as naturally and effectively as possible.

Full Manuscript Edit - POI - Average £40 per 10k words -

I will read your entire manuscript and provide you with document annotations as I go offering grammatical errors, questions raised within the plot and suggetions for changes, alongside extensive end-notes with opinions and suggestions on what to improve and what was best, covering plotlines, character dimensions, tone of voice and style of writing. Prices vary dependant on genre and length of manuscript, so drop me a line to chat about the options for you.

I can't wait to work with you :)

All queries to

Good luck on your writing journey,
C x


"I’ve always been a fan of Caroline’s blogging so it was a great opportunity to have her advise and proof my e-book. Caroline has a fantastic, witty voice that comes across in her writing. I wanted my e-book to be the same, to keep the reader entertained but still learning. Caroline also advised me on my cover photo, images and sites to use . Her little subtle changes made a big difference to allow my own voice come out. Proofing was also quick and helped me reach my launch date."
- Leanne Conroy, Personal Trainer & Author

After reading Caroline’s book Enmity, I was very confident she would do an amazing job helping with my manuscript. Not only did she proof-read my book extremely quickly, she also made many very helpful suggestions and relevant comments for me to build a more complete story, build stronger characters and bring my readers on an emotional and magical journey. She really helped my story come alive the way I envisioned it.

- Orianne Mansuy, Author & Writer


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